Selling Your House with a Lease Option vs. Cash Buyer vs. Listing with a local Real Estate Broker


Regardless of whether it is a “hot” or “cold” housing market, it’s a smart idea to look at your options and see what will actually help you best reach your unique goals with the sale of your house. For most homeowners, the SALES PRICE or MAXIMUM PROFIT may be the most important factor, and for others, a quick sale at a lower profit may be more desirable to “cash out”. Every selling strategy has merit, and all have different advantages. There are a variety of different factors or motivations a homeowner must weigh out in deciding HOW to sell their house.  Dive into the details below to compare your options. 

Selling your house

Work The Numbers And See Which Way Helps You Meet Your Goals…


When you really work the numbers you start to see the real benefits that each way of selling your house offers.

Yes, here at Win Win Housing Solutions LLC, we can often offer a variety of solutions with each offering different benefits to satisfy any homeowner depending on his/her individual needs and unique situation …

EXAMPLE #1 – Listing with a local Real Estate Broker 

Market List Price: $300,000

-Accepted Offer: $288,000 (*in excellent “turnkey” condition)
Minus R.E. Commissions (Est. 6%): –$17,280
Minus Repairs (Est. 1%): –$2880
Minus Closing Costs (Est. 2%): –$5760
Net to Seller (IF Owned “Free & Clear”): $261,960
Minus Loan Payoff:  Situation “A” 10% Equity:  – $270,000 = – $8040 (LOSS – Bad Deal)
Situation “B” 25% Equity: – $225,000 = $36,960 NET to SELLER
Situation “C” 50% Equity: – $150,000 = $111,960 NET to SELLER 

*Any required cosmetic repairs or updates must usually be completed PRIOR to listing a house with a real estate broker so that it shows well for prospective buyers as they are usually paying full retail price. 

This way of selling your house can be moderately profitable depending upon the state of the local real estate market (i.e. “buyers” vs. “sellers” market), the amount of equity you have in your property and the extent of negotiated discounts plus costs of sale (in this example the costs of sale average 12% -13%).  This method can take a moderate amount of time to close based on market conditions.  In utilizing this method, potential sellers must often spend money to make repairs and updates prior to showing the house (to keep pace with the competition and provide the popular features buyers want). We can see in the example above that if the property has very little equity (Less than 10%), anything below a full price offer or any repairs required could minimize or eliminate any profit to the seller or even wind up in a situation where the seller must bring cash to close. A higher amount of equity, of course, may not be a problem.  This is the sales strategy most homeowners are familiar with and one that is most effective in a “hot” or “seller’s market”. Of these three methods, this method requires the most amount of effort from homeowners from the listing appointment and preparations, multiple showings over the course of several months, and of course the expense and time involved of making any repairs or updates necessary to bring the property up to marketable condition.


EXAMPLE #2 -Selling to a Cash Buyer a.k.a. “We Buy Houses” (30% to 50% Discount on Average)

Market List Price: $300,000

-Accepted Offer: (1) $210,000 (good condition) to (2) $150,000 (poor condition, major repairs and/or updating required)
Minus R.E. Commissions: None
Minus Repairs: None (“built into” discounted cash offer)
Minus Closing Costs: None (“built into” discounted cash offer)
Net to Seller (IF Owned “Free & Clear”): $210,000 (good condition) to $150,000 (poor condition)
Minus Loan Payoff:  Situation “A” 10% Equity:  – $270,000 = – $60,000 (LOSS – Bad Deal)
Situation “B” 25% Equity: – $225,000 =    $15,000 NET to SELLER
Situation “C” 50% Equity: – $150,000 =    $60,000 NET to SELLER

Net to Seller (IF Owned “Free & Clear”): $150,000 (poor condition)
Minus Loan Payoff:  Situation “A” 10% Equity:  – $270,000 = – $120,000 (LOSS – Bad Deal)
                               Situation “B” 25% Equity: – $225,000 = – $60,000 (LOSS – Bad Deal)
                               Situation “C” 50% Equity: – $150,000 =  $0 (BREAK EVEN) 

This way of selling your house is normally the least profitable (in this example the costs of sale average 30% – 50%) but these offers can often be the only viable option if cash is needed immediately as they can most often close in 30 days or less. The main advantages of this strategy are that it normally takes the least amount of time to close and there no need to make repairs, as the cash buyer will make all necessary repairs and build in his/her profit to resell or “flip”. The discount is so great that the cash buyer will normally also “build in” the modest amount of seller closing costs in the offer presented. In a situation where the homeowner has LITTLE to NO EQUITY, a deal may be impossible without the owner bringing cash to the closing table to have the cash buyer “take the property off your hands”. In the above example in even the best scenario for a property in good condition, if the potential seller only has 10% equity, he/she will incur a $60,000 LOSS and if the property is in worse condition the offer and subsequent loss can be much worse. These deals require that the seller have a high amount of equity that they don’t mind sharing with the buyer. That being said, if the homeowner is already in foreclosure (i.e. a “Notice of Acceleration” has already been issued by the lender), or if there is a dire emergency that requires immediate cash, or if the homeowner is unable/unwilling to make extensive repairs and/or updates to the property to make it marketable, this may be the best solution. This method requires the least amount of effort from homeowners, with only 1 or 2 meetings to schedule with the cash buyer.


EXAMPLE #3 -Selling with a Lease Option

Market List Price: $300,000

Accepted Offer: $300,000 (*in excellent “turnkey” condition)
Minus R.E. Commissions: None
Minus Repairs: None (subtracted from offer, if applicable*)
Minus Closing Costs (Est. 2%): –$6000
Net to Seller (IF Owned “Free & Clear”): $294,000
Minus Loan Payoff:  Situation “A” 10% Equity:  – $270,000 = $24,000 NET TO SELLER
Situation “B” 25% Equity: – $225,000 = $69,000 NET to SELLER
Situation “C” 50% Equity: – $150,000 = $144,000 NET to SELLER

*Any required cosmetic repairs or updates would often be handled as a minor price adjustment and/or “improvement concession” from the seller but normally the work would be completed by the tenant-buyer sometime after taking possession rather than the seller. Does not apply to properties in excellent marketable condition. 

This way of selling your house is normally unquestionably the MOST PROFITABLE for homeowners that have the patience to “cash out” in just a couple of years (or even in 1 year in some cases). This is one of the best methods to sell a house in a competitive and/or slowing housing market. Flexibility on terms gets you the maximum price possible. This method requires the second least amount of effort from homeowners next to selling to a cash buyer (without incurring such a massive loss of equity), with usually only 2 to 4 showings required (no frequent showings stretching on for months as with a listed property) and if any repairs/updates are required, these can often be performed or scheduled by the tenant-buyer after they move in. This option can be a lifesaver for a seller who has little to no equity to afford considerable 30% to 50% cash buyer discounts or even reasonable 5%-7% real estate commissions, as indeed for most properties very little to even no equity whatsoever is required.

If time is of the essence, and you can not afford the time necessary to wait for a lease option to close, a creative financing deal may be your best option to sell your house as quickly as possible (often within 30 Days) which in many cases can still provide you with the highest profit on your sale as well as monthly residual income. If you are just a few mortgage payments behind and looking at the scary prospect of foreclosure, this can also be a viable option to avoid foreclosure completely before a Notice of Acceleration is issued (please contact us for details).


As you can see, there is NO “best way” to sell your house, as it depends upon a variety of different factors unique to the individual (as well as to the property itself) as in addition to the current state of the local housing market and economy. The potential seller must take into consideration the minimum and maximum PROFIT, TIMELINE, EFFORT, and EQUITY required amongst many other factors to enable him/her to make the best decision possible…

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